Designing a Customized Mattress

We focus on two specific areas: your specifications and the creation of superb products. When you order a hand-sewn mattress from Montgomery Mattress in Wichita Falls, TX, answering two questions is exceedingly important:

•What size do you prefer?
•How firm a mattress do you want?

We consult with clients in Wichita Falls, Texas on a one-on-one basis in order to discuss your individual requirements for a high quality mattress.

A mattress developed to meet your unique needs will offer years of comfortable service. If you've ever experienced problems falling asleep, you'll appreciate the importance of the technical aspects of making mattresses.

Few companies in the U.S. offer handcrafted mattresses. When we create your customized mattress, we pay close attention to every detail of manufacture and strive to secure your complete satisfaction

Mattress Construction

Our customers choose between several internal mattress components. We'll interview you in advance to help craft mattresses that meet your product needs and specifications:

Latex Foam: Latex foam provides a soft, yet firm, rubbery component to your mattresses.

Memory Foam: Memory foam will conform to the shape of objects placed on it. In recent years, scientists have put considerable effort into developing memory-foam based products.

Polyurethane Foam: Polyurethane foam reflects subtle adjustments of manufacturing techniques, enabling suppliers to produce foams with different degrees of responsiveness and weight.

Some mattresses include all three foam elements. The specific materials incorporated within hand sewn mattresses made by Montgomery Mattress in Wichita Falls, TX will vary based upon your preferences. We will deliver within a 60 mile radius of our business address.